more fall

As I said yesterday, my fall decor is pretty lame. I lack confidence in the decorating department. What can I say, I have The Nester as a sister. Who can live up to that? Still, looking at all your homes on Kimba’s Mr. Linky has encouraged me to share in the fun anyway. After all, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?
Take this festively decked out door, for example. I am so creative. And beginning with that will make everything else look better.
The beautiful thing about these mums with no pots is that they were really cheap at the farmers market: only two dollars.
Another cheap, potless mum. Pots are so much trouble. See? Lame.
Here are the things on my sideboard in my dining room. I found these sticks and acorns in our yard and stuck them in these jars. If I were to zoom out, you would notice that my mirror is not hung on the wall yet and one of my sideboard lamps is missing a light bulb. So I couldn’t zoom out. You understand.
That’s about the extent of it, folks. My fall isn’t even very fall-y. It looks a bit more like spring in this photo. I get a little more brave at Christmas. Can’t wait to cover that banister with garland.

the year’s last, loveliest smile

Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land is having a Fall party today. I was planning to post some of my fall decor, but I’ll be honest…its pretty lame. I’m thankful to her for forcing me to stop and think, though.

The seasons to me are God’s gracious reminder of time passing swiftly by. I need to be reminded of that sometimes, as it is easy to forget wonder, to ignore beauty and to strangle the silence with the loud. Somehow, the sharp, confident coolness of the autumn air brings clarity of thought and heart. Clearing out the heavy, humid drudgery of September, autumn ushers in change.
The trees exchange their green summer shawls for more colorful fanfare, a reminder that even the deepest roots don’t guarantee stability. Change must come. There is a time for everything. A new school year. A new President. Fresh episodes of The Office and Pushing Daisies. New. Different. Change.
I don’t want to be pushed along by time, flailing and trying to keep up. I want to move with the rhythm of it, to respond to my Creator, to breathe in this cool, crisp air. I want to take time to notice the deep and the detail while living in the obvious and the practical.
According to writer William Cullen Bryant, “Autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile.” And so I reflect along with creation, as it bids a golden farewell to the year that has passed. A lovely smile indeed.

cheap talk

I don’t talk about politics here. But all the talking heads have got me thinking about the big picture. The thing about election season is that all the candidates have an idea of what they are gonna do. The problem with that is, it is easy to say what you would do if you were in charge. Sometimes things change when authority is actually given and you are the one responsible for all the consequences.

Decisions are rarely 100% one way or the other. Sometimes you have to work with a 49/51 balance. At least that’s what my dad always tells me. It can be hard to justify that 2 in the face of 49 reasons not to.

When I was young and single, I said I would never go out in public without taking a shower, I would always have my hair fixed and I would never, under any circumstance, wear socks that did not match. I would be the mom who never let herself go. The one who cared what she looked like, no matter the cost.

That was back when I was still number one.
I agree that it is important to care about what we look like, to take pride in our appearance. I agree that political candidates have to talk about what they will change and how they will change it. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to do it. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

sweet dreams that leave all worries behind

I want to move with my man and the children we have made to a faraway land and live off the fruit of trees and honey from the hives we tend with our own hands.

I want to walk barefoot in the grass and make sandcastles and read stories and sing.

I want my high school hair back with the corn silk curls, and I want to wear skirts that touch the ground and weave crowns made of sweet smelling flowers for hours with my girls.

I want to laugh for a week without stopping.

I want money and chocolate to grow on trees.

I want to buy a new toilet instead of cleaning my old one.

I want a maid, a hairdresser and a chef. And a milkshake. And world peace.