green tuesday

It is no secret to you who frequent this place how I value rest. Of heart, of soul, of spirit. It may come as a surprise to you how little I actually practice rest. That is one reason why I started Tuesdays Unwrapped. In an attempt to force a thankful attitude in the middle of life chaos, I hoped that rest would become more natural. And in many ways, it has. But I still get stuck in the avoidance of rest cycle. I busy my hands and eyes and mind with motion and activity just to be moving and active.

green tuesday

I read an article about the extreme conservationist guy who didn’t use toilet paper for a year. Not that I’m suggesting that. But one of his tips was to take a day and simply BE: Don’t buy anything, don’t turn anything on, don’t transport yourself anywhere. That last one especially hit me. I am constantly transporting myself. Sometimes physically. But many times, I’m traveling in my head to the future or the past. I’m thinking on what I should have done differently or better. I fill up my now by planning for later.

So here’s to a green Tuesday. Perhaps school and family and laundry prevents me from turning everything off and sitting in the dark. But nothing prevents me from choosing to be in this present moment, from conserving heart and soul energy. So I celebrate the now and have faith for the later. Join me?


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    I, too, have a terrible time resting. I’m in constant motion — even in my car, where I feel compelled to pick up the cell phone the minute I turn the ignition. I wrote about it recently, and decided to honor seven minutes of silence — that’s the amount of time it takes me to drive to work (I know, rough commute!). Sadly, it’s been remarkably difficult keeping that promise — and it’s only 7 minutes of quiet time in the car! But maybe it will get easier as I keep practicing.

    Thanks for the reminder in your Tuesdays Unwrapped post today!

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    I too have been struggling with living in the present – it’s easy to wish the diapers, unending snacks and bottles and tantrums away into the past by imagining the future! Of course, I can’t see what tomorrow will bring. Thanks Emily.

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    it seems that even when we let our body rest, our minds keep going… mostly, it seems, on fast forward. present in the moment… sounds great to me. thanks for this inspiration today!

  4. Jo@mylestones says

    I love this definition of green. I’m inspired (not to give up TP) but to power down and stay still for a bit. Thank you Emily!

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    We must be on the same wavelength this week. I just finished a rough draft of a post about experienceing the same “unrest.” Thanks for sharing your perspective. Happy Tuesday!

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    it is ironic that my post from yesterday is about the opposite of rest. (at least i could find some humor in it for once…i had been whining to my husband about what i have deemed ‘the bathroom tour of america — and other countries if you count epcot.) the present really is a present to us…i want to choose to embrace it instead of transporting (as you so eloquently put it) myself — elsewhere. loved unwrapping your “green” gift today. thank you.

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    I am about to give birth to our second child (one week from today to be exact), and I’m already thinking about how hard it was the last time to settle down and do “nothing” for a few months. Your sentence, “I busy my hands and eyes and mind with motion and activity just to be moving and active” has really hit me. It is so, so hard for me to rest. I pride myself in what I accomplish in a given day, and if I have nothing to “show” for it, I feel like a failure. I’m embarrassed to tell my husband that nothing got “done” in the nine hours he was at work. I’m sure there are other moms out there who struggle with this… We all need to lift each other up in prayer. I know I need it. I’ll take all the prayers I can get in this area. I know it will be a hard transition.

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    PS – I’m laughing at my use of quotation marks. I do know how to use them correctly, but I guess I was trying to emphasize the fact that I know better than to think taking care of kids is doing nothing. No one submit me to that silly website about misuse of quotation marks, please! πŸ˜‰

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    Thank you for this, it really speaks to my heart. Yours is the second post I’ve read this morning on this exact topic. Being present with out all of the distractions, things to do, planning, etc. is something that God is really working with me on.

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    Staying present is something I have been intentionally working on over the last few months, and I cannot stress how beneficial it is when I am able to discipline myself to do it. I am too short on time to respond as fully to your thoughts as I would like to (babies!!!), but I will be back later. I really like what you’ve brought up here. There are a lot of layers to pull apart and think about.

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    This speaks so much to me today. We’re heading to the pumpkin patch this afternoon, but for the first time in a while we’ve spent the morning in our pj’s playing with puzzles and cars, enjoying each others company. Just being.
    It’s lovely :)

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    You really get to the core of it (for me) when you say that the ability to rest today is tied directly to having faith for tomorrow. I’m going to be holding on to this idea – and learning how to rest. :)

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    Today is one of those stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off days for me. Planning doctor visits, dealing with uncooperative medical people, having my plans changed for me by others, ladies’ Bible study, lunch with my mom, etc, etc.

    But as crazy as my morning has been, right now I sit (albeit with the laundry humming in the washing machine) with the window open, the breeze cool as it floats in. My wind chimes play a sweet melody, reminding me that I can take moments out of crazy days to just sit and rest a while. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. Emily, thank you for the prompting to recognize the restful moments in a not-so-restful life.

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    I am always five minutes into the future in my brain. I was just playing with my daughter and a little girl I’m babysitting. The entire time (and I mean entire) I was thinking about how I was going to get up and fold the laundry when I was done playing. And while I was folding the laundry? I was thinking about the next thing. And as I’m typing this? I’m thinking about how I’m gonna get me some food when I’m done.

    What is WRONG with me??????????



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    I guess some of us are more wired than others to be in the moment. I like to think that we are able to receive more when we are still and listening and leaving some room.
    I tend to be always wishing for a second chance , or mulling over regrets, or harping on myself how I could have done things better if only… I need to be more open to seeing and living for it’s own sake.
    Beautiful thoughts as usual , Emily. And thank you for your kind words.

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    I would love to simply be.

    (And while I’m thinking on this “just being”….wouldn’t it be fun to get a whole slew of girlfriends off to a cabin in the woods, with starbucks and snacks, and cozy fireside chatting….um, and “just being.” Somehow, I don’t think that counts…need to rethink…just be…just be….just be.)

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    I love it Emily… I was so glad to tie my sister down for 20 minutes and force her reflections on our trip. Your post today gave her a little jump into that, thank you!

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    Emily, your Tuesdays unwrapped series helps us all live in the moment, and embrace where we are. Thanks!

    I also have trouble keeping my mind still. I would love to hear how it went for you today–how were you able to do it? Got any hints for the rest of us?

    I was at Women of Faith this past weekend and Sheila Walsh pointed out that the root word translated “Be Still” in “Be still and know that I am God” verse is really “let go”. Hmmm. Let go of fear? Let go of perfectionism? I’ll be thinkin’ on this…

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    I haven’t had any time, it seems, to just be at rest lately. School is kicking my trash this semester. 500 pages of difficult reading a week, multiple papers, homeschooling a kindergartner. Sigh. It is something that I’ll keep aiming for though—rest, that is, in whatever snippets I can grab it in. I just keep reminding myself that I’m going to come out of this educational experience a better writer. I think. I hope.

    I was so excited to see your comment today though. You feel like an old friend that dropped by for a surprise visit. So, although I have 78 pages left of Goethe’s “Faust” left to read, I wanted to return the visit.

    Love to you.

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    I can relate to this post more than I wish I could. I don’t relax when I’m relaxing. I am always trying to work on this. Thanks for another great post…it made me think about taking it easy tomorrow.


  21. Beverly says

    Sharing with Love a little poem that came to me …

    Thank you for this gift Dear God,
    This Life you have given me,
    thank so much Dear God,
    but I have been much too busy to live it
    You see …

    There are dishes, housework, children
    and shopping that I must oversee,
    all of this, Dear God,
    is entirely up to me…

    So when I am done with all I have to do,
    I will take the time to be with You.

    I will then unwrap the wondrous gift
    that you have given me,
    and with all my heart
    hope and pray I still have eyes to see…

    that the Greatest Gift
    You so tenderly blessed me with,
    from Your gentle loving Heart,
    through all this time has been preserved
    beneath its gorgeous bow …
    and your precious LOVE for me
    all the while I was too busy to see
    has taken this time only to grow…

    Thank you, God, for this Greatest Gift of all
    I now carry in my Heart …
    as I through my busy days I walk
    knowing never will we part…

    My step is so much lighter now,
    for I walk within your Love where’re I go,
    thank you God for your patience
    and allowing your magnificent Love
    to forever grow and grow…

    Submitted with Love for my brothers and sisters, for the Gift of Life , and for the Great Giver of Life … Beverly

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