There’s a reason we unwrap on Tuesdays. It has a lot to do with the song Tuesday by Sarah Masen, the song that was the inspiration for the title of this blog. It also has to do with a real life Tuesday I lived in February of 2009. The 24th, to be exact. I hung my camera around my neck and decided to document the day as it happened: the messy, the lovely and the unexpected.tuesday

This is one of the 136 shots I kept from that day. It may look like an ordinary moment, but the truth is he doesn’t really play with those blocks anymore. So what was an ordinary, regular day is now a sweet memory I want to keep. I wondered about all the other ordinary Tuesdays passing by and decided not to let them go without at least a little reflection.

What about you? I am so thankful for the community of women (and sometimes man) who gather here every Tuesday to unwrap the gift of the everyday. One thing we all collectively realize is that what seems everyday today will not be so tomorrow. And so we pause. Join us?

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    “So what was an ordinary, regular day is now a sweet memory I want to keep.” So true, so true! That is sort of what my post is about today, and why what I do matters so much to me. I have a passion for helping others document their “ordinary, regular days” as well as their special occasions. Thank you so much for this outlet. I love to participate whenever I can. I meet such wonderful people over here on Tuesdays!!! Blessings!!!

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    “…what seems everyday today will not be so tomorrow. And so we pause.”
    That’s exactly it!
    Thank you again for hosting this lovely venue in which we can collectively “pause” to celebrate the gits we have today.

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    I just want you to know that even though I can rarely get myself together enough to actually *blog* my Tuesdays Unwrapped, my moments of noticing, the special gifts I find in the ordinary, that I am so thankful to YOU for starting this and making me have those “OH! This is a Tuesday Unwrapped!” even if it’s Friday.

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    Thank you again for hosting Tuesdays Unwrapped. I gain so much by reading everyone’s posts, especially yours. This post reminds me that the ordinary really is extraordinary if we stop long enough to appreciate the moments.

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    I have heard someone say it “We won’t be back here again.” I love reading of how you first started this! I want to try that for a whole day. Just take the camera everywhere and document. Although I wonder how much I would find myself staging…I guess if you’re always looking for the beautiful, it wouldn’t matter if you pushed life in that direction intentionally, would it?

    love this, emily.


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    So true…my husband and I were just commenting on how fast time is going by as our boys grow. Tuesdays Unwrapped is a chance to capture those moments that are flying by way too fast! I so enjoy reading everyone’s posts each week.

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    Oh, Emily. I wasn’t around when you started Tuesdays Unwrapped, so it’s sweet for me to see that first photo. And to think that he doesn’t play with those blocks any more. . . . Makes me wish that blogging had been around back when my guys were little.

    Well. I won’t go there. I’ll just be grateful, once again, that I know you now, that your influence has rubbed off on me, that I’m now pressing the “pause” button and stopping to savor the moments. Thank you.

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    I loved hearing the inspiration of both the “Tuesdays Unwrapped” and the name of your blog! And also wanted to say…we have those farm puzzle blocks too… :) We play with them just about every day!

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    it makes me sad when i think about how today’s gifts will be forgotten in the days that pass… and it makes my hert full to record bits and pieces of this daily life. thank you… for always opening your door to the little things!

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    I’m slow to learn but unwrapping to beginning to come more easily. My kids are great teachers, but you’re the one who helped get me started. Thanks for that.

    I’ve unwrapped a few presents already today. The Eastern Bluebirds roosting on our deck, much to the delight of my daughter. A small bouquet of weeds, purple flowers, and leaves bound together with a hair band and stuck in a spray-paint-lid vase. Treasures.

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    This is exactly why I blog– why I write it down– take pictures of it– shove it out there onto the internet. So when my memory fades (like, tomorrow most likely), the memories will be there.

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    I just found your lovely blog and I’m excited to follow along with you. I love the idea of reflecting each week on the ordinary, but wonderful moments. They are precious and shouldn’t be overlooked. Blessings!

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    I just spent the last couple hours reading through all of the posts from last Tuesday. Can I just say a giant, heartfelt thank you for your hosting this each week. It’s something I’ve really grown to look forward to…this reminder to look around and appreciate the daily that will someday be memories. This site might need to be what I unwrap next week, because it’s something I don’t want to take for granted. It’s so encouraging and uplifting to read all the things people post. Thanks, again, Emily!

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    “he doesn’t really play with those blocks anymore” …I look at pictures from the past few years and it really is overwhelming to look at life in moments – good overwhelming, moving, touching, painful sometimes.

    smiled at the thought of you as a piano major

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