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We weren’t the only ones in the coffee shop, but we may as well have been. We sat close at the small round table, white mugs between us. Only dating for a few months, the sky was still seven shades brighter than ever and love was ridiculous in a good way. He sought me there in that chair, leaned short across the table, placed his heavy hand on my arm, and spoke magic into the silence – How are you, really?

It was an invitation to honest, a loving dare to risk exposure, a call to intimacy. And I had one of two choices to make: I could tell him, or I could not tell him. Isn’t that always the choice? Let them see or stay hidden. Speak or stay silent. Love or be safe.

That day, I chose visibility. I chose to speak. I chose to love. I answered him, honest and true. I looked him in the eye and gave myself permission to answer his questions. Understanding the art of listening is worth diamonds and gold.

Want to know the secret to making magic? See people. And let them see you.


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    Yes! I was dealing with some friendship issues these last couple of years. Not with any friend in particular, just with allowing myself to open up and let someone in.

    But over the course of the last couple of months, and especially the last couple of weekends, I’ve opened up and allowed friendship to pour in. A gal I’ve been going to church with for the last year and a half, who also has 5 children, who also homeschools, who also loves the Lord with all her heart – we connected through the acts of kindness.

    Her and her family needed help moving and my husband and I stepped up and decided we aren’t done helping until they are settled. It has moved our relationship and taken it deeper and it has been AWESOME. :) It’s only the beginning. :)
    Christin´s last blog post ..Day 16 Willing Hands 31 Days to Clean

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    Well, that last picture really says it all. There is such a gift in the being seen, though it took me forever and a day to understand it.

    Also, I had an allergy fit last night from 3:45 – 5:00. I ended up on the couch. With tissues. And you were the girl who came to my mind, so I prayed.

    Just wanted you to know.
    Flower Patch Farmgirl´s last blog post ..How To Make An American Weekend

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    Good post to ponder. Too often when I am hurting I sling off by myself and stay away for sharing my pain with others. I do have a choice. You are so right and this gives me courage to be vulnerable… Thank you I needed to hear this tonight.

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    well, first i saw the title and then the cup of coffee. you had me there, really, b/c coffee IS magic. but i did choose to read on. and yes. transparency – the only way to real friendship and in so many seasons, the key to healing.
    kendal´s last blog post ..upon summers start

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    But it’s so difficult to tell and be real and be vulnerable! It’s always easier to sit and stay hidden. I struggle with this. . .putting the real me out for everyone to see.

    What if they hate me? Or even worse, what if they want me to share more?

    By the way, beautiful, beautiful picture of the girls! They could be supermodels. Gorgeous!
    Amy Sullivan´s last blog post ..D and Cs and Prayer

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    That’s how I knew that my John was THE John for me. It came so naturally to let him see me…

    Now I have a friend who is about to be engaged. She finds it hard to let people (guys especially) see her. At the beginning stages of dating, she felt so natural and comfortable with him. She shared. She felt comfortable. She knew he was The One.

    Now, I remember. That’s how we know a true mate. I true friend. Opening up to them comes naturally.
    Meg´s last blog post ..Guy Work

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    I’m always reading your Blog, I am so inspired of your thoughts. Love seeing your background as well. Please, stay us connected here. It’s really helpful to many blogger like me. I got a lot of tips here. Thanks to you, dear!
    lorarian89´s last blog post ..Ask The Creator!

  8. susan says

    …And you make magic always. With words, photos, thoughts strung into truths. You are so on my mind this week (what’s left of my mind) and in my heart&prayers. Magic…

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    I have had the exact opposite problem. My friend and I…we can’t seem to find common ground, like we used to. A lot has happened in both of our lives, and I can’t figure out how to talk to her about it – she is not the one to speak up.
    This has given me a bit of comfort, though. Thank you very much, and God bless!
    ktrain16´s last blog post ..Agape

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