the courage we all so desperately need

The starfish sits on our dining room table, a few feet away from the white Christmas tree I found at the Goodwill. There is a lot of white in that room and I like it that way.

White is the color of space.

And so we head into 2013 in a few days and I find myself longing for the beach already. I do odd things in the midst of change, in the shifting from the right-now to the will-be. I tend to rush ahead to the next thing, but I don’t do it as much as I used to.

Sit, girl. Stay in the place where you are.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will stand in front of hundreds of college students and speak out loud about the things I know for sure – the grace and love God has for his people. I speak at 2 EST. Pray for courage?

Even as I write that, I think of Newtown, I think of Jennie’s friend Sarah in a hospital in Texas, I think of Nish giving birth to a brand new baby girl in Utah, I think of home here in North Carolina. There is much to grieve and there is much to celebrate, all at the same time.

Jesus is the courage we all so desperately need, no matter what we’re doing.

May your weekend be filled with thoughtful reflection and hopeful anticipation.


  1. says

    Hey girl–

    My oldest son, Will, is at Encounter. He’s a student leader with CRU at Duke. If you see a cute guy, about 5’9″ with curly red hair, he’s probably mine! :)

    Hope it goes really well. I know they’ll be blessed to hear your message. Love ya!
    Richella at Imparting Grace´s last blog post ..2012 in review

  2. says

    Beautifully written! And oh how I can relate to looking towards the “next thing”. Praying for you for courage–and yes–He is all the courage and strength we need. Without Him, I am nothing. You will do AWESOME!

  3. says

    YES! Praying God gives you boldness as you speak His glorious truth to students who need to hear it. I also pray He’ll fill you will love and humility of spirit toward them -that your very demeanor would speak for itself. And may there be much fruit from what you have to say. May God bless your words!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Christy Fitzwater´s last blog post ..What to do with those Lies

      • Susan Goetsch says

        Hi Emily, I just started reading your book, “Grace for the Good Girl”. I am blown away, fantastic. You have an amazing gift for writing!!! Also, what you said about apology really hit a cord with me. Also, how did you come up with chatting at the sky? Ever since I have been a child I am amazed by the sky, and I still am. I often look up, day dream and pray. Guess that is what you mean by chatting at the sky, praying to the God/Lord/Jesus.


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