lamp & the moonWhen I see a lamp post, I have a hard time not taking a photo of it. Like trees, lamp posts bear witness to stories that happen beneath them. They are interesting to me. I feel the same way about the moon. So when I see a lamp post and the moon at the same time, I capture them both and share them here. It only seems right.

I may be sharing a photo-a-day this week. Or this may be the only one. Don’t you love the freedom of summertime?



  1. RJ says

    Your pic and post reminded me of that great Robert Louis Stevenson quote about punching holes in the darkness!

  2. Judy Girl says

    For years I took photos of every interesting lamp post that I saw. I absolutely loved them! My friends used to snap pics for me. My cousin even asked a few weeks ago if I still took pics of them. I mean, they’re awesome. I guess I’d like to think that I’ve grown up a bit by not taking pics of every single lamp post; however, I still think they add the perfect amount of character and great ambiance. They do hold a certain mystery as to all they have witnessed.

    I must add that my sweet husband asked me to marry him under a lamp post near the Tech Tower (GA Tech) :) my sister, who sent me this link about lamp posts, took a few pics of us under said lamp post.

    You wrote ‘Grace for the Good Girl?’ I appreciate your honesty and truth about being who you are created to be. Thank you for sharing. You have impacted my life.

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