in which I have good news and gifts for you

Both of my pregnancies ended in early deliveries.

The twins arrived 7 weeks before their due date after many weeks of contractions, trips to the hospital, and bed rest. In the end, they were born at 33 weeks to the day. Two and a half years later, our son with the late-June due date arrived in early June instead.


You could say I’ve had some experience with managing early arrivals, with frantic planning, with change in expectations and last minute calls for help.

I know what it is to circle a date on the calendar only to have that date not mean a whole lot when it comes to what happens in real life.

Once again, I’ve had a date circled on the calendar for many months. Not a baby due date, but a book release date.

But about a month ago, I learned this new book I have been planning a November release for is actually going to arrive a little sooner.

Million Little WaysInstead of releasing November 1st, it will now be available in bookstores on October 1st!

In just a few short weeks, these pages will finally make their way to the printer a full four weeks early.

In a way, it’s a relief. If I don’t finish all that needs finishing, I can blame the calendar.  Ready or not, this book is coming out on the first day of October.

I hope that’s good news for you.

I know many of you followed my journey of writing about faith and art on here on the blog (over two years ago now!) and have already pre-ordered your copy. That means it will be shipped to you a lot earlier than you thought.

Maybe in time for a fall study with your friends or your church group? Maybe?

A small token of thanks

You can’t know how humbling it is when I hear you tell me you have pre-ordered the book. I wish I could thank you personally for that – it’s one thing for you to read, but to want it enough to pay for it before it even comes out? That’s something special.

As a way of saying a small thank  you for your pre-order, I’ve partnered up with a couple of my favorite artists to offer you a few gifts to enjoy as  you anticipate the release of the book.

preorder gifts

  • Shine – A free song by Christa Wells from her new album, Feed Your Soul (these lyrics fit so nicely with the message of the book – I was thrilled with Christa graciously agreed to offer it to you)
  • $10 coupon from Lisa Leonard Designs with a minimum purchase $26
  • The Artist’s Manifesto – a 5×7 printable quote from the book

Here’s how you can get these gifts:

Pre-order your copy of A Million Little Ways (from Barnes and NobleAmazon, or your favorite online retailer) and complete this form to receive your 3 free gifts from now until September 30.

Did you already pre-order months ago? Great! Go ahead a fill out the form, too.

If you have a question or difficulty with the sign up form, (some people have said they don’t get the confirmation email – be sure to check your spam folder) simply send an email to amillionlittleways (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll get you all straightened out.

I look so forward to finally having this book out. These last few weeks have been a bit frantic as we’ve been trying do eight weeks worth of work in only four. But it’s satisfying work and I’m thankful for it.

P.S. For those of you wondering about our Barn Event, I’ll post an update at the beginning of next week. Tickets have not yet gone on sale, but they will soon! Stay tuned.


  1. says

    So excited for you, Emily! Your publisher has graciously agreed to send me a review copy, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and tell my small blogging community how much you’ve influenced the way I approach my work.

    As a fun aside, I just ran a post last month at Write On Con, a free, online writing conference for people who write for children and young adults. The title of my post? A Writer’s Manifesto. :)
    Caroline Starr Rose´s last blog post ..Book Clubs for Kids

  2. Barb says

    YAY! for early. It releases on my birthday!!!! I haven’t ordered it yet, but will do so SOON.

    PS – all 7 of our children were between 1 and 3 weeks early so I know about “early.” LOL

  3. says

    Oh, Emily. I am heart-glad for you!! This is very good news, and I am especially grateful for good news today. I am so very, very proud of you. Very. Extremely. Proud.

    It’s a blessing to know you, and getting to celebrate with you is such fun!! Off to place an order!
    Richella Parham´s last blog post ..Grace at Home No. 72

  4. says

    I’m sitting here in boring pick-up line now bursting with giddyness! This makes my day. I can’t wait to meet your new baby and hold her in my own two hands. Okay, that sounds creepy and weird and like I’m a stalkerish baby-thief but you know how excited I am about THIS book!!! Also, I love the blog’s new look. I saw it over the weekend and swooned. This will not surprise you but it’s so similar in style to my own blog design idea files. (Again with the stalkerish / stealing talk.) What can I say, we think the same things are pretty. : )
    Scooper´s last blog post ..Being Cool About School: A Letter to My Homeschooling Self {What I Wish I’d Known}

  5. says

    I haven’t ordered it yet, but I hope to be able to soon! I remember something I read here years ago when you first started writing about art. At the time I was coming out of years of illness and I’d been in emergency mode for so long that art felt like a foreign concept. Can I just say, I’m SO glad you’ve been talking about it ever since! Can’t wait to read this book.
    Kim´s last blog post ..Four Fun Things For a Birthday

    • says

      Well, I’ve had a few weeks to get used to the idea 😉

      I’ve had a couple of freak out moments, but mostly I’m excited. And I’m glad you’re anxious to read!

  6. says

    Emily! Great news!

    I have had lots of hard delays in some important things lately so it was fun to hear of this new earlier date of your book release which have been waiting to read since you first talked about it. Wish we could all be closer to throw you a “book shower”.

    Plus added bonus, with the earlier release I now can buy your book here in States instead of having to get it posted to the Philippines which was he case with GftGG. One of my missionary co workers and I are a bit giddy silly about your way with words and how it feels like you “know us” when you write! The Holy Spirit is using your words and we are gratful for your heart and hard work.

    Congrats and every joy in this sleep deprived journey.
    Love Philippa.
    Philippa Brooks´s last blog post ..Izzy’s Surgery – Postponed.

  7. says

    I should pre-order this book for my daughter. She just had twin girls (child #3 and #4). They were delivered by C Section at 37 weeks. She has already had to return to the hospital (all better now!) When she got to come home it was to pack everybody up and evacuate because of a flood warning in CO. They will be fine… God is watching over them and has them in a safe place.

    Congratulations on all of your early deliveries. Surprises are wonderful but sometimes mind boggling right?

    Love to you,
    Patty Muich´s last blog post ..Friday The 13th

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