What Martha Stewart & Mr. Rogers Can Teach Us About Art

Yesterday I watched two videos.

The first one was an interview with Martha Stewart. Stephanie Ruhle of Bloomberg Television asks Martha Stewart about brands she trusts and who she thinks has good taste. Then the subject turns to her opinions on social media. (I’m including the video here, but you may have to click over to watch her response. I’ll transcribe it for you below)

Here is what she said at 1:39:

“Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine. I mean there are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good, or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done. So bloggers create a kind of popularity, but they are not the experts. And we have to understand that.”

Then I watched another video.

I found it  on my Dad’s blog as part of his 31 day series about families. Mr. Rogers was being presented with a lifetime achievement award. I’ve included the video here in this post, but I’ll transcribe it for you below:

“So many people have helped me to come to this night. Some of you are here. Some are far away. Some are even in heaven. All of us have special ones who have loved us into being.

Would you just take, along with me, ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are? Those who have cared about you and wanted what was best for you in life.

Ten seconds of silence. I’ll watch the time . . .Whomever you’ve been thinking about, how pleased they must be to know the difference you feel they’ve made.”

Both of these are famous, talented, and expert. Granted, the timing and circumstance of these two videos are very different. But I watched them both for the first time within an hour of each other yesterday, and the words of Maya Angelou came immediately to mind:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

The feeling I had after watching one was significantly different than the feeling I had after watching the other.

One sounds closed while the other is open. One sounds territorial while the other is generous.

For one, the world is one of scarcity where only the expert need apply. Those who look to her for inspiration are disrespected and disregarded.

For the other, the world is one of abundance, where even when you win an award for your own achievements, you can choose to make that moment about everyone else. Those who look to him for inspiration are honored and thanked.

Both of these people have something important to teach me about living and making art.

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  1. says

    What a contrast! You are so right. Rogers’ comments breathe life into the soul of each of us as an artist. We are all image bearers who can reflect the beauty of our God in unique and precious ways. Stewart’s comments trigger every fear I have as an aspiring author. “Who am I?” “I don’t know anything.” “No one cares what I have to say.” As I dive into a new writing project, I’ve been meditating on Our Identity as described in 1 Peter. It keeps me focused on the real Authority and Expert.

  2. says

    Absolutely spot on! After sorting through all of the hub-bub about this, what you’ve written here perfectly sums up how we should view this situation. It’s an opportunity for us to be reminded of how we want to make people feel and the kind of legacy we want to leave. Thank you!
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..How to Make a Decorative Picket Fence

  3. says

    Oh Mr. Rogers how we miss hearing this on a daily basis. How we need to hear this and not only think of those who have meant so much to us, but tell people how they make us feel, how important they are to us. I can hardly wait to tell the kindred spirits in my life how incredible they are, again and again.
    Michelle Woods´s last blog post ..IN the DAWN’s EARLY LIGHT….

  4. says

    Thank you so much for writing this. I first saw the MS video yesterday. I’ve never been a fan…I believe that we as humans are not perfect (nor should we be!), and the vibe I’ve always gotten from her is that if you’re not perfect, you’re not good enough.

    I’ve loved Mister Rogers since I was old enough to watch (around 1973!), and this video just makes me love him more. He was the epitome of graciousness, kindness and forgiveness.

    I’ll be sharing your post with our followers on Facebook, and on my personal FB page as well. Thanks again for providing appropriate contrast to MS’s negativity.

    Peace & Veggies,

    Larissa Galenes´s last blog post ..VZ 018 – Food and Mood

  5. says

    This reminds me of when I was fearful to call myself an artist, because I compared myself to artists who were more accomplished, and an owner of an art studio said to me: “do you make art? well then you are an artist.” Do you write? then you are a writer. I’m grateful for those bloggers out there who have inspired me and made art and writing more attainable than perfection.
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..thoughts about sharing Facebook with my daughter

  6. says

    So well said Emily. Seems like you had a divine appointment with the juxtaposition of the message of these two public figures. I think this is something important to note in blogging as well. We can share and be generous with our platform or be inclusive as we gain notoriety. It’s a choice we have about everything in life really isn’t it?
    Shelly Miller´s last blog post ..For When We Can’t Quit Comparing by Duane Scott

  7. CynthiaJo says

    Rather sad really. I think Martha has gotten caught up in the Martha Syndrome, in perfection. It has to be JUST SO, or it’s not right. Being an expert doesn’t make everything you do right. Mr. Rogers should be an example to all of us, young and old.

  8. says

    What a wonderful perspective you have on this topic!! I have not heard what Martha Stewart said about us bloggers but I do LOVE Mr. Rogers so I think I’ll just stick with his perspective and ignore the negative. Thank you for a well written EXPERT opinion on kindness. God Bless ~ Linda

  9. Jess says

    Wow! What a powerful juxtaposition, Emily! I am so thankful for your insight. Mr. Rogers is such a picture of grace and humility. Yet, I think my biggest obstacle to living as art is that I have focused on and feared that the experts of this world will shake their heads and their fingers at me. I know that makes me in danger of perfectionism and the fearfulness of scarcity too. But if there is one thing I see to be true of you and your sister and this wonderful community of bloggers is that there is room for everyone to be an artist. Thank you!

  10. says

    would you believe me if i told you that i absolutely LOVE this. most certainly one of my favorites of yours. there are many, but i love how you transcribe this. i love how you weren’t all blasty blasty to good old martha ( she only knows and seems to have time for perfection. i love her but not her philosophy) yet….i love how you bring redemption to the table and leave us all feeling better again.
    just perfectly lovely
    paige´s last blog post ..pumpkins & the little calf

  11. says

    Oh wow, she really wasn’t very nice, was she…I think she may have made a few people upset. I mean these are the people who shout her praises and review her products. Kind of a put down if you ask me.

    I like that you ended with a positive message. There are always good people in the world.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..The 8 Miracles

  12. says

    Thanks for sharing this, you laid it out so great, I loved your piece! I think one thing that is important to remember is that Martha Stewart sort of has that personality ya know. She’s a bit “lofty and snotty”. So taking what she says into context and her personality and experience it does make sense. A lot of us bloggers are copy cats, let’s be honest! And a lot of it is on popularity. I don’t think Martha meant there aren’t talented bloggers who work hard and create their own brand–surely there are women bloggers out there that do this, you being one!!! I also don’t think it means that what we are doing as “little bloggers” which would be ME, is meaningless like you were trying to say. I share my stories and my stories have moved and helped LIVES. We all know if it’s just ONE person we have touched or helped in some way then that is all worth it to us. I am an original for who I am and what I was created to do, I am not an original because I have a blog and people read it. What we do is still important and good regardless of what Martha says.

  13. says

    How many times have I felt this way? Like a complete fraud? If they only knew … how tiny my office is. If they only knew … how limited my skills are. If they only knew … how behind this mask of confidence is this unsure girl who feels like a poser.

    It all goes back to your lovely words about using the ugly word JUST. I’m JUST a mom. JUST a self-trained graphic designer. I’m JUST a blogger. Yes, these things are true. I’m no expert. But I know what works for me and I can be generous with that knowledge because MAYBE, there is someone else out there who can identify and be encouraged by my experiences. What I love so much about the blogging world is that we now have a platform to do our craft and share it. We no longer need to work at a magazine or a design firm or restaurant or have advanced degrees to be valuable. We can be relevant to the everyday woman in ways fashion icons/vouge editors/billionaires maybe can not.

    I just watched a great video yesterday centering around a few of the Seattle Seahawks who are believers {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC1iD8yzndM}. The very best part of the video for me is when they say that EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE AT THE PINNACLE OF THEIR CAREERS, it is still not enough. It still doesn’t satisfy. You win the superbowl, have all the fame and fortune and status and magazine covers and records and women and are STILL left feeling empty. Such a powerful message.

    Goodness, it’s not about being an expert. It’s not about pretending we have it together. It’s about doing what we do, sharing generously, loving one another and recognizing that while temporal success and status make us feel really great at the time, when all of that goes away, we’ll be left empty again.

    So we inspire. We give. We share. We mess up. We receive grace. Then we do it all again.

    And how wise of Ms. Angelou to remind us that it is how we make people feel in this life that matters most.

    Amen and amen.

    {how about that for the world’s longest comment?!!}
    emily´s last blog post ..she needed a seahawks shirt

    • says

      “Goodness, it’s not about being an expert. It’s not about pretending we have it together. It’s about doing what we do, sharing generously, loving one another and recognizing that while temporal success and status make us feel really great at the time, when all of that goes away, we’ll be left empty again. ”

      I love what you said here!
      Olivia´s last blog post ..I’m still here!

    • Shawna Anderson says

      “How many times have I felt this way? Like a complete fraud? If they only knew … how behind this mask of confidence is this unsure girl who feels like a poser.”

      “It all goes back to your lovely words about using the ugly word JUST. I’m JUST a … Yes, these things are true. I’m no expert. But I know what works for me and I can be generous with that knowledge because MAYBE, there is someone else out there who can identify and be encouraged by my experiences.”

      “Goodness, it’s not about being an expert. It’s not about pretending we have it together. It’s about doing what we do, sharing generously, loving one another and recognizing that while temporal success and status make us feel really great at the time, when all of that goes away, we’ll be left empty again.

      So we inspire. We give. We share. We mess up. We receive grace. Then we do it all again.”

      Amen and Amen again! Thank you for sharing!

  14. says

    Mr. Rogers brought tears to my eyes! We all have gifts to bring to this world…even if we feel we are not qualified. God has qualified me. ?

  15. says

    :( Oh Martha. That makes me sad. I really look up to her–and while I wouldn’t consider myself an “expert” I think I can safely say I know a thing or two :)

  16. says

    You did a great job of presenting this without attacking Martha Stewart verbally! She pretty much told where she was coming from when she said “Who you want to be could be found in a product” So who she is , is defined by the products she has? WOW!

  17. says

    Oh my goodness gracious, he made me cry. What a powerful difference! I am just so struck by his generosity of spirit. Here was this moment that could have been all his, and rightfully so- and he gives it back to the community he was birthed from. You see jaded and cynical actresses and actors cry because they’ve been given this gift they didn’t even know they needed. I’m sure as joyful as a night as that is, it must be incredibly difficult for all the artists that aren’t “winning” that night…and he just gives this HUGE gift of reminding them what it is really about. They may not remember the rest of the night but I bet they remembered what he said for a long time. The difference between him and Martha is so very striking. So very. I think as an artist, writer, and blogger, I hope and pray I always fall in the Fred Rogers camp of loving generously.
    Joy´s last blog post ..Good things coming!

  18. says

    this reminds me of another quote i read the other day that said, “how you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.”

    i’ll choose to be neighbors with mr.rogers anyday over martha, even if her cupcakes ARE better! ; ))
    amber.´s last blog post ..{a letter to my girl}

  19. says

    Martha Stewart’s comment reminds me of when reality shows started gaining popularity. At first, actors loved it, then they started complaining about it–people were working for free in a field they spilt blood, sweat and tears in! She sounds threatened to me.

  20. says

    Emily! When I read this, I couldn’t help but sense that you should know you are generous. Your writing inspires, without ever putting down.

    When you write words that echo my own heart, I don’t feel small, I feel invited in.

    I don’t ever click away from your posts wishing I was “more like Emily” rather I feel like you’ve helped me understand myself better – and His calling in my life.

    I doubt that this is a unique experience for me, I’m guessing this is true for your readers. We come back because your space is so welcoming.

    I know this doesn’t have much to do with Martha or Fred, but it just felt right to tell you this today.
    amanda´s last blog post ..celebrate the small

    • Susanne says

      Oh, it’s my turn to write, wow that was a lot of scrolling..lol. Now that I’m here,, aside from agreeing that Martha is just a “hater”, I’d like to add that her tried and true recipes are anything but. My sister, the gourmet cook, has followed her recipes to the letter, on more than one occasion, only to have created a serious “flop”! Take that Martha (jailbird). How many times can we say that when we have followed Mr. Rogers’ directions we have arrived at the same result?! Have I made any sense at all? lol. It’s so nice to be your neighbor!

    • Shawna Anderson says

      “…you are generous. Your writing inspires, without ever putting down.”

      “When you write words that echo my own heart, I don’t feel small, I feel invited in.”

      Amanda – I completely agree with what you said, and I have to 2nd that. Emily’s words ALWAYS hit me right in the gut, in the most incredible and amazing way possible. She has been a vessel for God’s words, right to my soul, so many times over.

      “I don’t ever click away from your posts wishing I was “more like Emily” rather I feel like you’ve helped me understand myself better – and His calling in my life.”

      So true friend, so true.

  21. says

    This is the sort of thing that always leaves me feeling a little sad for the Marthas in the world. Her life may be overflowing with perfection but Mr. Roger’s life was overflowing with love.

  22. says

    What a refreshing perspective! Your words always feel real and moving for me, and I learned so much from this piece… not only from what you’re saying, but also from what you’re not saying. You didn’t once attack Martha Stewart’s character or sling the disrespect right back at her. Instead of being defensive, you chose to approach with grace, to have compassion for her and those like her who operate from a place of scarcity and lack, rather than a place of generosity and love. Bravo, Emily p. Freeman!

  23. says

    Oh my goodness. This is so powerful. Thank you for this. I guess I never really knew that I experienced this myself as an artist until just now. Her words create such a place of us versus them. Separating and rating, critiquing and competing. And I can not think of a more deathly place for art to live. I am a self taught artist and I always struggled with the idea of not going to art school. There was always a seed of doubt that came from not having a formal education. That my work wasn’t good enough. And her voice sounds very similar to that internal voice I fought against for so long. And then, there is his voice….embracing everyone just where they are, allowing us to be enough, recognizing we are all one, together. There is hope there. And hope, I have found is the one thing that grows beautiful art. XO

  24. says

    What a great post! Thank you for posting about Martha Stewart’s negative comments in such a positive light, instead of being mean and snarky back :) I loved Mr. Rogers when I was a kid and I must say that my respect for him has gone up even more after reading your post! Thank you for sharing!
    Missy´s last blog post ..My Crafty Kids – Clay Creations

  25. says

    Emily- Such beauty and grace in your words. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you! And a good reminder to watch the words spilling out from my own heart.
    Remembering Acts 4:13 and how when others “saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”
    (No need for experts – just hearts in tune with his.)
    Our Family for His Glory´s last blog post ..When I Just Don’t Know if I Can Write Anymore

  26. says


    When I watched the video of Martha yesterday I felt slapped, turned off the computer with a pit in my stomach. Your video of Mr. Rogers, in such stark contrast to Martha Stewart, made me feel totally different.

    It’s an art to leave someone feeling better about themselves-one that M.S. has yet to master.

    Thank you xo
    Robin~All Things Heart and Home´s last blog post ..Fall Party Ideas~My Biggest Party of the Year!

  27. says

    Are you surprised and overwhelmed by the comments section today? I have to respond as others did regarding the wonderful Fred Rogers. His humility and ‘others centered focus’ is so refreshing. I’m thankful that my children grew up with him as their neighbor.
    On to Martha. The world is undergoing a cataclysmic change because of Information Technology. What she said revealed her inability to keep pace.
    If you google her bio you find that she has none of the qualifications or educational background for the fields in which she is known.
    She has no degree in Interior Design. No degree in Culinary Arts. No degree in Publishing. No degree in business.
    She has a degree from Barnard College in European and Architectural History.
    She worked as a stockbroker in a boutique Wall Street firm for about 10 years.
    She said she trained herself to cook by reading Julie Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
    I’ve subscribed to her magazine and watched her show.

    What she said seemed small and a little mean spirited.
    I thought she enjoyed inspiring us.
    I think I was wrong.
    Kelly Grace´s last blog post ..The Proverbs 31 Woman and Technology

  28. says

    Like you’ve said before Emily, we each have our own unique ability to make art and offer it to the world. We each have our own sphere of influence and the world deserves to hear my words from my heart and taste my cornmeal buns from my table {even if they were words “taken” from another blogger or a recipe “stolen” from my grandmother}. How would the world go round if we considered every single thing copyrighted? Martha needs to read your books. LOL
    Laura´s last blog post ..TimeLapseLove | MakingHeavenCloser

  29. says

    Oh, my word, Emily. I like this post the best of all the posts I’ve read about Martha Stewart today (including my own!).

    I am a Fred Rogers fan through and through. When I was in second grade, my teacher nominated me to be a “maid” for the Cotton Carnival Festival in Memphis. I think one winner was chosen from each school, and the winners got to be in the Cotton Carnival parade–a big deal at the time. Anyway, as my class’s representative, I had to be interviewed by a panel of judges. The one question I remember their asking was “What’s your favorite TV show?” My answer was prompt and sure: “Mr. Rogers.” I have a Mr. Rogers songbook that my mother gave me for Christmas in 1971. I would sing his songs to myself over and over. The light of Christ shone brightly in Fred Rogers.

    The light of Christ shines brightly in Emily Freeman, too! :)
    Richella Parham´s last blog post ..Poor Martha

  30. says

    I watched Fred Rogers give that speech on the Daytime Emmys–I was a stay-at-home mom and it was the last year before I went back into my own classroom–and I can remember thinking that I wanted my children’s lives full of people who would lift them when I no longer could. As a teacher and a blogger, I never know who my words might help or hurt, but I always want to treat folks the way I would want my children to be treated.
    kirby carespodi´s last blog post ..What if it was YOUR son?

  31. Amy K. says

    I did not read through all the comments, so maybe someone has already said this, but I think Martha misses the point of blogging entirely. I love all the inspiration & ideas I get from bloggers, but what keeps me coming back is the community – getting to know the blogger a tiny bit, the back & forth in the comments, and the ability to reach the blogger directly to tell her how great I think she is. To me, the DIY/recipes/fashion are secondary to the community.

  32. Melissa McIntyre says

    WOW, kinda snarky eh? Maybe she needs a bit more jail time to knock her off her high horse a bit more. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…..

    • melle e says

      Seriously. What does it say then that her products are the star of Kmart?

      Or that nearly everything we own I’ve either handmade or bought on sale at old navy?

      It says I’m thrifty…. And that I’d rather spend my money on DOING something with my family.

      Finding your identity through belongings? Products?

      Isn’t materialism the root of the greed and evil that’s killing our country as it is???

    • says

      I didn’t think your comment was mean. Just an astute observation in a “first thought” kind of style. (Emily talks about first thoughts in her new book–tag-teaming with Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones). Just my two cents. :)

  33. says

    The Fred Rogers speech touched me so much. Thank you so much for sharing these and highlighting the contrast and bringing out the true meaning of art. I’m so looking forward to reading your book, Emily!

  34. says

    Wow, I think Martha has forgotten how she started out in the industry. As far as I can remember she was in her home sharing her ideas the same as we all are doing today. Most of her knowledge came from her mom. I don’t believe it was ever tested by anyone other then Martha, to make sure it was worthy or safe for sharing.

    Mr Rodgers…what a blessings he has been for so many! Year after year he will continue to resurface and bless us all with his love and knowledge of what love, caring and sharing truly means:)

    I am so grateful for the wonderful blogging world that comes together to share, care and uplift women all over the world.

  35. says

    Wow. In Martha’s interview, she reminded me of why I stopped subscribing to her beautiful magazine years ago. I left feeling more guilty than I did inspired. Among the pages lurked a subtle tone of expert-ness and I, as the very non-expert reader and domestic hacker, felt less-than. “Why even try when the standard is so high?” That’s what I’d feel. I still love magazines and don’t feel bound to any of their suggestions or standards but hers made me feel acutely inferior. Also? Is recipe-testing like, the rule of all rules? It’s not nuclear-testing people; it’s just dinner. Anyway, I so love this post and it reminds me not to imagine the world as an audience full of Martha-esque experts waiting to test my amateur recipes and crafts. : ) Sometimes I wrongly imagine it that way.

  36. says

    While Stewart has always been known for her perfectionism, her words are ironic and seem to show she’s forgotten her own past! She was not “trained” in most of the things she’s become an expert in (she started out as a model) but was self-taught. While that should be an inspiration to many of us, her words show she chooses to close that door for others through snobbery.

  37. says

    Oh Martha, she seems like a bitter women. It is sad that she attacks and disregards bloggers who are really displaying trends of today. Also I doubt she has really ever looked at blogs based on the statement she made. There are some beautiful blogs out there. I personally have a personal food blog based on family and cooking with a little travel thrown in. I do test my recipes some of which are my own creation. I am inspired by other blogs and they have opened my mind to new ingredients, techniques and cuisines. I feel that we can learn so much from everyone. There is always something to learn and be thankful for. No one is devoid of the ability to teach something. Martha you taught me that you love big business, people that can help you get ahead. Who has great taste, Macy’s? Thats an odd response, is it just because they sell your products that they have good taste? Home Depot is a great company, did you just get paid a bunch of money to say that?
    Jordan´s last blog post ..Meatless Monday: Saffron Rice with Cranberries & Pistachios

  38. says

    Your post gives me chills. YES! I love how you set out these videos, allowing them to be contrasted to teach us something. “A world of scarcity” or “a world of abundance?” I choose the latter and am thankful Jesus makes that possible. Thanks, as always, for your words!! The “feeling” I have after visiting here is “regarded.”
    Samantha Livingston´s last blog post ..What’s in Your Lunchbox?

  39. says

    This is very powerful! I think the more I have grown as a person the more I realize how much of all I do is inspired by others. We all want to be original, but we rely on each other more than we know. Accepting that the talent and gifts and positions we have been given are in facts gifts, contributions from others–helps us be more free to help along others awhile. We’re not threatened because we realize we’re all in this together.
    Christy´s last blog post ..How to Use Feedly

  40. says

    What a wonderful post. You are right about how the videos made me feel. Are there any gentle voices like that on TV today for kids to watch anymore? There sure needs to be.

    • Joanne Peterson says

      Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a spin-off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Not exactly the same as Mr. Rogers, but the messages are wholesome and sweet, and some of the songs are the same. The topics are things kids have. I have never been disappointed, and my two little boys love the show.

  41. says

    yes. thank you. i first felt sad, less, judged. then, i felt buoyed, welcomed, included.
    how do i want others to feel because they have encountered me? certainly the second.
    thank you for drawing the dichotomy.
    (this series is uh.maze.ing.)
    jill britz´s last blog post ..show ‘n tell

  42. Joanne Peterson says

    When a person understands the extravagant love and grace of Jesus, their comments reflect that love and grace, even when the hard truths need to be spoken. I do believe Fred Rogers understood and experienced the love and grace of Jesus because of the reflection of his words and his life off camera and on camera. Jesus could get right to the point. But, He made people know their need for Him and loved them right where they were and the situation they were in.

    I feel sorry for Martha because she is displaying the hole in her soul that needs filling by Christ Himself. She may not realize how needy she is by her words and attitude. Fear of never being good enough makes that sort of unkind words. When a person feels truly loved for who they are, without having to prove anything, without performance they have no need to make the cutting remarks she has made.

  43. says

    What a difference I felt even in reading these two! While reading Martha’s comments, I immediately felt defensive and ‘less than.’ Fred, of course, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    In the past, I’ve had periods of being immersed in Martha like people, which really rubs off, and makes it not too hard to fall in to that line of thinking and reacting, which is a pretty unpleasant side effect. But, I’ve also been blessed with Fred like people as well, and I know I’m much happier when I’m around them. Since I’d like to spread joy to the ones I love, it’s clear who I want to practice being like. Go Fred!
    Pamela´s last blog post ..The Sound of Sunshine

  44. Linda says

    As a “feeler” it is hard not to take umbrage at Martha’s speech and get the warm fuzzies from Fred Rogers.

    I think the more important thing is TRUTH. I am learning to distinguish feelings from truth…God’s Truth.

    Martha knows her kingdom is slipping away and is trying to hold onto it, while Rogers ushers us into the Lord’s Kingdom in the most gracious manner.

  45. Susan says

    Unrelated ~ How many KitchenAid mixers does she need? At least four, from what is visible of the kitchen backdrop.

  46. says

    First, I love how Martha is so quick to scratch the backs of the companies that carry her product. Shocker.

    But thank you for writing this. I think women are especially scarcity-minded. We are so quick to rate and rank ourselves, each other. Who is prettiest? Who’s the most patient mom? Who makes the perfect peanut butter cookies, who keeps a flawless house, who actually budgets a Saturday afternoon to wash her windows?

    Worse, we’re like this in our friendships, too. I’ve met women who are scared to share their friends. Right out of the gate, they’re possesive. Cliquey. Fearful of letting others in, of competition, like there’s not enough to go around. It breaks my heart. They are missing so much.

    And they’re cheating us, too. We all have something to offer.

    Again, thanks for this series…!
    Becky´s last blog post ..Day 19: When Your Desire Sometimes Scares You

  47. gina says

    Not only does Martha Stewart lack formal training in writing, tv, and cooking, she came out with a wedding book while she was divorcing!!! And may I add that the editor of Vogue, Ana Wintour has no formal education in journalism or fashion!!!!
    I also doubt any of Martha’s recipes are original. So disappointed that she feels so insecure to make a dig like that! She should be better than that as her own daughter blogs!

  48. melle e says

    Thank you. I’ve really struggled with this… I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt but in my head, ringing, are questions…. What did SHE go to school for? Who decided she was expert? Too bad she wasn’t so expert at managing her business a few years ago, my head snarkily replies….
    But my heart… My heart remembers that first year…. When I started sewing. Opened my etsy shop. Some of what I made was fabumous…. And people bought it. Some is still, two years later, hanging in my closet…. Waiting on someone to love it… Lol

    But in that first year, I never called myself a seamstress. A sewer. A crafter. And never did I dare to rank myself with anything loftier… A designer!

    Then it dawned on me… We are what we call ourselves. When I called myself a smoker, I smoked. When I quit smoking, I changed my identity to call myself a non-smoker. Even tho at the time I wasn’t sure it would stick….

    But it did. Because I changed my identity.

    And now I’m a seamstress and designer. Because that is how *I* identify myself.

    And the thing that I hope we all… Bloggers, crafters, mommies with hobbies, take away from this is that WE determine our identity.

    8 years later, I’m still a non smoker. (Not a previous smoker, a NON smoker. Because I believe OUR words have authority over our soul. So only speak what you are willing to live with…. You also have authority over your children, so speak carefully over their identity and character also!)

  49. Shawna Anderson says

    “So many people have helped me to come to this night. Some of you are here. Some are far away. Some are even in heaven. All of us have special ones who have loved us into being.

    Would you just take, along with me, ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are? Those who have cared about you and wanted what was best for you in life.

    Ten seconds of silence. I’ll watch the time . . .Whomever you’ve been thinking about, how pleased they must be to know the difference you feel they’ve made.”

    Emily – I too saw the video your dad shared (long time follower here, of your Dad, you, and your sister) and was so touched. I remember watching Mr Rogers as a kid, but never realized the inspiration he has been to so many. I knew him only for his show, and not the depth of truth and insight within him, and it moved me. I realize how much I want to know him, or someone like him, and I recognize that you and so many other bloggers have been that for me. I appreciate Martha’s ‘expertise’, but the words you shared, and other things I’ve seen, give me pause about her. The world of blogging has completely changed my life, has opened up my eye’s in so many ways, and has truly grown my personal faith and relationship with God. I believe God has placed in each of us a calling, our art – and though I don’t believe any of us are truly ‘experts’, we can bring an individual and unique perspective, born out of our life’s experiences, and God working within us. I’m so grateful for bloggers like you and so many others for sharing your ‘imperfect’ art, doing so boldly and courageously, but even in fear and trembling – because it does touch other’s live’s… it’s certainly touched mine.

  50. LavaidaVandelia says

    As I listen to Mr. Rogers’ instructions, I realize that he is one of those who I would include in my 10 seconds of memory. Mr. Rogers always encouraged me to be my best, to love my neighbors, and to believe.
    God bless you, Mr. Rogers.


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