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hopeAs your mind shuffles through worry over the shopping list, your travel plans, a flat tire, a pile of laundry, your anxious daughter, your distant son, and a potentially lonely December, may the brilliance of heaven somehow peek through the dusty shadows of earth.

May your preoccupation with trouble slip easily into an occupation with Christ.

May you throw yourself headlong into the arms of the Long Expected One, and may you see, though your eyes may be tired, how he occupies the space around your shopping list, your travel plans, your flat tires and piles of laundry. May you realize the tender way he hovers over your anxious daughter, your distant son, and you – in the midst of a potentially lonely December.

Enjoy your weekend — and a few good reads:


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    Thank you for this. I just crashed our car into a sign because of a patch of ice on the way to take my boys to a birthday breakfast. I’ve spent the last hour crying (and calling insurance, etc) thinking how this was the worst possible time for this. Feeling a bit hopeless, and I stood at the counter and prayed, “Jesus, help me to see You in this.” And then I read your words. Bless you.
    Amanda MacB´s last blog post my baby turns three

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      The vulnerable feeling after car accidents is hard to describe, isn’t it? The shaky edges, the shifted perspective, the rearranged agenda. I’m glad you’re okay, Amanda. And I’m glad you found yourself here for a moment.

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    Our weekend is inside because it is all ice outside in Dallas!
    Baking biscotti and making hot chocolate! And finishing some Christmas decorating, hopefully.

    Really enjoyed your post on the gathering at the Barn and all the photos just made it come alive for all of us.

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