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2013_0514_emily_freeman_106FI’m Emily and I live in North Carolina. I believe creating space for your soul to breathe is foundational to life.

I am learning to respect the daily pauses my souls needs in order to be present and faithful in my home, my work, and my community.

I write here to help you create that space, too.

I’ve been Chatting at the Sky for over nine years, sharing my own photos and personal stories. If you find yourself on a rainy afternoon wandering back through the archives, you’ll find pieces of a woman who writes her way into understanding what she thinks about things: thoughts on faith, creativity, grace, and silence.

This is the space where all my books begin.

When blog readers meet me in real life, they are surprised by my personality. I am a quiet, contemplative writer with a loud, obnoxious laugh and an emotional allergy to small talk. Technically I’m an introvert, but from the outside you probably wouldn’t know it.

I  am also a monthly contributor for (in)courage and have traveled as a blogger with Compassion International.

So far I’ve written three books you can find out about here. I have a fourth one on the way soon.

Books by Emily P. Freeman

7 Little WaysIf you want to get a feel for the type of encouragement you’ll get here, I often say if the blog is a house, my monthly newsletter is the living room where we huddle a little more closely together.

Right now I send these out once a month, always offering questions, reflections, and hope to help create space for your soul to breathe. I also highlight my favorite books, music, and artists as well as first-word news. If you hit ‘reply’ to the newsletter, your words land directly in my inbox.

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I hope you’ll find a little something hopeful here for your inner life no matter what your world looks like right now. Here are a few posts to get you started:

If you’re a writer, I’ve written some posts that may encourage you along the way as well, including:

Chatting at the Sky

Fun Things I Want You To Know That Don’t Fit in a Category

  • The title “Chatting at the Sky” is from a song written by Sarah Masen called TuesdayIf you already knew that, then I automatically like you.
  • My favorite new adventure this year has been Hope*ologie, a membership site I co-created with my dad and sister (also known as The Nester). We team up to offer hope in the areas we are most often discouraged: home, family, and soul.
  • We have a monthly podcast you can listen to for free:  The Hope*ologie Podcast here on iTunes.
  • My most visited post of all time is the one where I share 12 Things Your Daughter Needs You to Say.
  • You can also find me on Instagram (my favorite!) and Facebook.


My husband John and I have been married for over 13 years now. After serving as a youth pastor for 12 years, John left his job at the church and stepped into a time of waiting, listening, and home. I wrote about that for a while but I’ve been quiet about it recently. Here’s where you can read about the beginning. Stay tuned for the middle.

the Freemans

We have twin girls who look like him and a boy who looks like me. We live around the corner from the public school where all our kids attend. Next year our girls start middle school. I’m not yet able to say how I feel about that. I probably need to write through it.


I’m deeply curious about the mystery of Christ, the gracefulness of the everyday, and the sacredness of our inner lives. Everything I write or speak about comes from this curiosity and the deep conviction that every need, desire, and expectation is met in the person of Jesus Christ.


I used to call myself “a writer who sometimes speaks” but I’m learning I’m a speaker and a writer equally. I am more surprised than anyone about that, but I’m learning to embrace it. Slowly.

I come alive when I have the opportunity to serve and interact with any combination of the following groups of people: writers, dreamers, contemplatives, artists, and recovering perfectionists.

Topics include:

  • Grace – letting go of the try-hard life and learning to breathe in a breathless world
  • Art & Creativity – how embracing our truest identity as image bearers of God makes a difference in the work we do everyday
  • Faith – living well in ordinary time
  • Writing – the craft, the fears, the wonder, the headaches, and the magic

Here is my current schedule as well as a list of past events. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, simply fill out this request form.

Finally, here is one of my favorite organizations on the planet:

Compassion International

philippinesIn the spring of 2011, I was a part of a team of bloggers who travelled to Manila, Philippines with Compassion International. We blogged about our experience in order to raise awareness for the need to support children and families living in poverty around the world. Telling parts of their stories helped me see that though we can’t do everything for them, we can do something.

ugandaIn January 2014 I traveled with another team of bloggers to Uganda with Compassion. You can read about our experiences on that trip here. My family and I continue to sponsor children through Compassion and you can too.