For Your Weekend

morning - chatting at the skyOn this day set aside to remember the death of Christ, this day of waiting for his ressurection life, this day of awareness, may I confront my desperate need for him. May I breathe out my own hopelessness, my own weakness and snobbery. May I admit the cups I cannot fill, the hands I refuse to hold, the eyes I dare not gaze into. May I see my own reflection and remember why he had to die.

In this, may I allow myself to be rescued, to hear the promises he has made, to feel the strength with which he searches for me and see the delight on his face when he finds me. May I let myself be seen, found and loved so that I may see, find, and love in return.

In his mercy, by his grace, and because of his great love.


for your weekend

emily freeman - chatting at the sky

May I not despise small beginnings even if they lead only to small endings. When I seek to grasp for bigger and wider, may I remember how much I treasure smallness, simplicity, and soul space. If I begin to work hard to carve out a sense of myself, may I turn – again and again – toward the presence of God.

And may I ever remember that no one gets to tell me who I am except my Father. Any commentaries about my identity, either out there or in here,  may I let them gently go.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads along the way:

for your weekend

for your weekend - chatting at the skyThis weekend, in the regular rhythms of home and play, of work and washing, of listening and slow conversation, may I see God even though I don’t see God. May I not demand a spectacle, a miracle, or a sign. May I simply, quietly, be still and know.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for this Sunday afternoon:

for your weekend

chatting at the skyThis weekend may our minds be filled with peace from constant questioning, wondering, feeling our way in the dark. May the light of Christ spread out like gold, liquid from the hot light of truth. May he seep under our doorways and into our dark rooms, covering every inch.

As we sit in our Christ-room, may we have the courage to see our reflection and remember the words of Barbara Brown Taylor, that “Jesus was not brought down by atheism and anarchy. He was brought down by law and order allied with religion.” (from Bread And Wine: Readings For Lent And Easter)

May we remember not to elevate our defenses and reasoning above everything else. May we see people as human rather than walking issues; ourselves as guilty even as we are loved. May we know Christ and the power of his miraculous resurrection, and may this life who lives within us make an actual difference in the way we move into the world.

May we take some time to be still and quiet and loved even as our hearts are breaking.

for your weekend

chatting at the sky

This weekend, may I not be surprised by my own ability to mess things up. May I refuse to be shocked by my own, jealousy, stubbornness, impatience and indifference. May I stop trying to find my own way out.

Instead, may I be surprised by grace, delighted by God’s presence, and comforted by his unrelenting acceptance of me.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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for your weekend

learning to listen and see

May this weekend be one of seeing the true state of my silent soul and hearing the words beneath that remain unspoken. May Christ be my security when I care too much about the small things and my salvation when I care too little about the big ones.

May I have the insight, discernment, and humility to know the difference.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads along the way:

for your weekend

for your weekendMay this weekend be filled with the truth, nothing more and nothing less. May I not think of myself more highly than I am or more lowly than is necessary.

May I not be surprised at my own contradictions, how I long to be alone, yet crave community; wish for attention and also anonymity; want my independence but secretly wish for a caretaker. May I not try to smooth out my inconsistencies by the strength of my own will, but may I accept these colors and shades of gray as part of my humanity, bringing them all into the changeless and unmoving presence of Christ.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. A few reads and reminders:

Every Saturday I scratch out a few words of blessing for us here. Writing these has become moments of worship and contemplation for me – time to remember my smallness, practice truth for myself, and share little glimpses with you. If you want to receive these and the other few posts I write weekly in your inbox, simply enter your email address here, where you’ll receive a free copy of Seven Little Ways to Live Art.

for your weekend

ellieMay your weekend be filled with soulful music, quiet assurance, and just enough blue sky to remind you not to give up hope. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are some good reads (and one good listen) for along the way:

I was in the room when she gave the talk she tells about in this post. It was a rare combination of humble and brilliant. So happy for her. And for us.

Her first full-length album released this week and y’all? It’s thoughtful and bright and so much more. Here is a six minute interview she did with OneOne 7 TV that you need to watch. And then you will love her and want her music. Amen.

for your weekend

our houseThis weekend, may you show up and be who you already are, with your limits as well as your potentials. May you be willing to receive the day as it is and not as you wish it were instead. And may you remember – no matter how weary you might feel – that you are the dust and the brushstroke, the weak empowered, the broken made whole, a human megaphone for the glory of God.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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And finally, an event I’m excited to be part of:

The Breath & The Clay: A Gathering of Faith, Art, and Culture is happening here in North Carolina on February 21-22 and I’m pleased to share on Saturday morning about the art of everyday living.

Here’s the most important part: You don’t have to call yourself an artist to come. But warning? You might call yourself by the time you leave. Consider joining us? Click on the image below to register.

The Breath & The Clay

for your weekend

morning skyMay your weekend be filled with light, both the outside kind that warms your skin and the inside kind that warms your soul. May truth be discernable, love be touchable, and may joy come right up to your door. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are some good views and reads for along the way:

  • Bonkers Awesome! :: In case you haven’t seen this yet, it is a 14 episode web series starring the lovely and talented Joy the Baker. It is, quite simply, delightful in every way.
  • What it Means to Hop on a Bike at The Art of Simple :: Fun photos and great thoughts from Tsh on the heels of her book release party for her beautiful new book, Notes from a Blue Bike. I’ll share more of my thoughts on her book soon!
  • Valentine Touches to Our Home by Emily at Jones Design Company :: Reading Emily’s blog makes me happy, pure and simple. I know you’ll enjoy her, too.
  • And if you’re taking life a bit too seriously, watch this two-minute video from 2011 that will never, ever grow old :: Denver the Guilty Dog.