For Your Weekend

augustIn the warm close of summertime, may the colors of nature remind you that you, too, are created. May you find peace in your body and soul this weekend as you move about in your world wholly accepted, loved, and seen.

May you remember how Christ came down to be with you and makes your heart his home. And may your life be the kind that brings his presence near to others. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Come back Monday where we’ll be sharing together What We Learned in August, a fun monthly community link up we practice, sharing the fascinating, ridiculous, sacred, or small things we’ve learned. For an example of pasts posts, visit the What We Learned archive. See you then!

For Your Weekend

For Your Weekend

May I stop dreading small beginnings and embrace the importance of my right-now work. May I understand the difference between good and best. May I remember to write down the gifts found today incase I lose sight of them tomorrow and may I be willing to be the gift for others, no matter what that may mean.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

  • Who is Your Neighbor? (Kingdom Come) - by Alia Joy, who writes about the invisible kingdom in a powerful way.
  • The Best Yes Webcast Replay - I so enjoyed spending some time in Charlotte to celebrate the release of Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, The Best Yes. Here is the Webcast of her teaching and a fun Q&A with us at the end.

For Your Weekend

for your weekend

May I be quiet long enough to stop caring what my own voice sounds like. May I have courage enough to be small, to be still, to wait. May I be gracious enough to forget myself and see others instead. May I be open enough to let go.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Hello!! After nearly seven weeks of silence here on the blog, I’m happy to be back. I’m sharing what I’ve learned so far this summer on Wednesday July 30 and I hope you’ll join me. We’ve got two months worth of goings on to catch up on and I can’t wait.

For Your Weekend

summertimeMay you enjoy all the blues of summertime and find someone to share them with. May you notice and receive the gifts that present themselves to you in hidden ways, gifts you may not have even known to ask for. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are some good reads for along the way.

For Your Weekend

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Before the sun is even high enough for shadows, we wake up to read. This one wakes up, too – reads his Bible next to Daddy, asking questions about pillars of salt. May I be ever curious, open, willing to ask and to learn. May I remember where to go with my questions and rest in God’s presence even when I don’t understand the answers.


On the last day of May, some reads for your weekend:

  • The Masterpiece Mom :: A new website and podcast about motherhood created by two lovely women I met at She Speaks last year – Amanda Bacon and Anne-Rene Gumley.
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Proposal Tutorials :: Writers, if you’re looking for help writing that book proposal, look no further than Mary DeMuth. I used her non-fiction tutorial when I wrote my first proposal that later became Grace for the Good Girl. She knows all the things and shares them generously. Well worth the price.


  • Hope*ologie :: Tomorrow we’ll roll out the third month of content in Hope*ologie – new podcasts, posts, videos, and printables to take you through June. Join us and you’ll have the whole month to read, watch, listen, and download. We’re having a lot of fun over there.

Local Interest

The One With the First Sugar Box :: If you live in the Triad area and are also a Friends fan, you need to order a Sugar Box stat! Kendra has re-imagined the monthly box of happiness to make it even more fun – basically if Hollywood and sugar had a baby, it would be The Sugar Box.

This month, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series finale, the theme of the box is Friends, so all the edible goodness in the box will somehow tie in Chandler, Monica, Rachel and the gang. Could this BE any more fun? Order your box today and pick up June 20!

Enjoy your weekend!

For Your Weekend

A Blessing for the Finishers

In this season of finishing up, of moving on, of celebrations and endings, today I offer a few words of blessing over at (in)courage  for those whose service and work is coming to an end. For the teacher, the graduate, the parent, the artist, the coach, the performer, the traveler, the youth leader, or anyone else who might be moving on . . . a few words for the journey here. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

For Your Weekend

for your weekend - chatting at the sky

May I listen before I speak, walk before I run, and stop making quick assumptions. May I keep pace with the rhythm of small things and offer the gift of with-ness without hesitation, expectation, or regret.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are some good reads for along the way:

for your weekend

Elm Street, Greensboro, NC

May I take the time to celebrate my starts, my finishes, my first steps and my knowing-when-to-quits. May I learn, even more deeply, the value of waiting, listening, and a good, long laugh.  Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are a few reads and updates:

For Your Weekend

chatting at the skyLift up my head to remember your way is downward, your truth is sacred, and your life is enough. May I have the courage to revisit my ideas of success, accomplishment, and arrival. Move us forward in your name.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6