A Little Bit of Truth, a Whole Lot of Freedom

Photo by The Nester, "hope" print by Annie Barnett created for Hope*ologie members.

Today I've invited my friend Stacey Thacker to share the power of remembering hope in the midst of everyday chaos. I scratch the word hope in my best, albeit bad, handwriting on a memo board in my kitchen while I’m supposed to be doing dishes. The dishes are mocking me today. It seems like I can’t get to the bottom of the sink no matter how hard I try. I’m determined at 11:00 pm to wrestle them into the dishwasher and scrub down the sink because Monday needs to start with a clean slate. It has … [Continue reading]

The Surprising Truth About Finding My Calling

3 Surprising Lessons I Learned When Finding My Calling

When John and I first brought our twins home from the hospital, I was secretly horrified that the doctors let us take home these tiny baby girls born seven weeks too early. Shouldn’t a responsible grown up be in charge? We didn’t feel capable but we didn’t have time to wait for our feelings to catch up with our reality. There was too much work to do. When it comes to finding my calling as a writer, I have made several surprising discoveries similar to how I felt as a new parent. 1. A … [Continue reading]

For Your Weekend

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May we make time to travel alone along the silent pathway to our soul. May we not talk ourselves out of hope, but may we gather up the faith and love we find along the way and hand it out generously to others. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are some good words and good news for along the way: Surprised by Love by Lisa Leonard - Because sometimes the deepest concepts are best expressed with few words. I Like to Be With You by Annie Barnett for Grace Table - Because really we need … [Continue reading]

Let’s Share What We Learned in January

What We Learned in January 2015

At the end of every month, we have a regular practice here of looking back before moving forward. While some of the deeper, more in-process things I may keep private for a while, other things are fun to share here. And when you share things you've been learning, I always discover lots of fun tips, great new shows, and encouraging thoughts to begin the month. We're all at different spots on the journey, and these end of the month posts are a way to reflect, share, and celebrate on purpose. Here … [Continue reading]

The Importance of Following Clues


The sun went down laughing last night, leaving behind evidence of a beautiful exit. I never saw her directly, though it wasn't for lack of trying, let me just tell you.  But she had her path and her timeline and she kept to it, no matter if I could find a good perch to spot her from before she slipped away for the night. Still, it was obvious she'd been here. The trail of beauty left behind points to a source beyond itself. And you know what? Burdens leave a trail, too.  "The soul was … [Continue reading]

For Your Weekend

for your weekend - january

May we find a friend who keeps our secrets, do the work placed in our hands, read a book that speaks our language, trusting all into God's hands. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the ways A Complicated Peace by Sarah Bessey - Because sometimes life takes turns you don't expect and we need to make room for grief and joy to co-exist. Home Is Where My People Are: The Roads That Lead Us to Where We Belong by Sophie Hudson - Because lately I want to read everything … [Continue reading]

The Spiritual Discipline of Wearing Better Pants

colorful clothes in my closet

When I graduated from high school, my youth pastor gave all the seniors a book on the spiritual disciplines. Good girl that I was, I marked that book up in all the best ways, purposing to tackle a discipline a week for however long it took to become the best possible version of myself - prayer, scripture reading, fasting, etc. I knew I couldn't be perfect but I thought it would be alright to get closer than anyone else. Several years of Bible college, marriage, and mothering later, I … [Continue reading]

The Hope*ologie Podcast :: Episode 5

The Hopeologie Podcast - January

"Hope is contagious. Hope is like yeast and baking powder. It has an energy that makes things rise. If you want to know if you are good for others, ask yourself how much hope you've given them. It is there you will find your answer." - Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart Sometimes you do things that light up the sky, firework light that dazzles and sings. And that light draws attention and crowds with all kinds of joy and excitement, what some might call a movement. Most times, … [Continue reading]

One Book I Hope You’ll Add to Your 2015 List

Simply Tuesday

When John and I were first engaged, the one question people asked me the most (right after "When's the big day?!") was where we were planning to honeymoon. One night several months before the wedding, a girl asked me this question as we made hi-I-just-met-you small talk. "New England," I answered, ready to give her the specifics. "Oh! Have you ever been?" "No," I told her, pleased by the look on her face when she heard it, "I'm really looking forward to it." She promptly launched … [Continue reading]

The Spiritual Discipline of Learning Nothing

Releasing My Lesson Obsession

Last week we walked through a profound disappointment with one of our girls. I use the word "profound" because that's how it feels when you're eleven. Basically, she longed for something that, in the end, belonged to someone else. As her mom, I see all the necessary parts of growing up happening in this one disappointment -- the spiritual discipline of letting go, the practice of faith, the understanding that smallness is not always something to run away from. But in her most vulnerable … [Continue reading]