One Question No One Ever Asks Me

Graceful (For Young Women) by emily p. freeman

Want to hear an interesting question no one ever asks me? You do?! Here it is: What are the most visited posts on your blog? It's true, no one ever asks me this because really, who cares, right? But it came up in conversation with Flower Patch Shannan while we were in Indiana so I thought it might be mentioning here. I actually told her wrong - I thought it was a different, but when I checked my stats, the post that has the most all-time views here at Chatting at the Sky is this one: One Thing … [Continue reading]

Marking Storms and Making Choices

chatting at the sky

Fourteen years ago this week, I'm working at a local high school as a sign language interpreter. It's morning and the bell rings to end the first class of the day. I gather my bag just as the student I interpret for motions that she'll meet me in the next class. Thankful for the few minutes, I make my way to the teacher's lounge for a quick phone call. My sister is in labor and I want to call Mom who is with her to find out how it's going. The phone rings on the other line and Mom tells me … [Continue reading]

For Your Weekend

for your weekend - chatting at the sky

May I listen before I speak, walk before I run, and stop making quick assumptions. May I keep pace with the rhythm of small things and offer the gift of with-ness without hesitation, expectation, or regret. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are some good reads for along the way: This is Where I Ask For Your Help by Shannan Martin, because I'm voting for her to go to Rwanda and maybe you'll want to, too. You Look Ridiculous in That Outfit by Seth Godin, because people who care go … [Continue reading]

The Sacred Work of Sitting

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The peonies bloomed last week, the sharpest white you can imagine with surprising color inside, like someone couldn't resist trying out the  bright pink marker on that easy white canvas. I was out of town when they came full out, teasing with their friendliness. They act all happy-like now, but they'll only be around for a week or so. We'll enjoy them while they last. For the last few months, I've shared a little about the fog I've walked through. I wrote about it here (for when the fog … [Continue reading]

What They Will Remember

Mother's Day - chatting at the sky

Yesterday I spent a few hours in the southern Indiana town where I grew up. I came alone to do some thinking and some remembering. Some things you just need to get out of your system. As I pulled into town, every intersection had a landmark I recognized but a street name I didn't. Even though the town is a fraction of the size of the town where I now live, I couldn't navigate the roads without my phone for directions. It was a little maddening, recognizing that stone house on the corner and … [Continue reading]

Maybe You’ve Done This Too

The same as yesterday but somehow always new. (From Chatting at the Sky)

Let's say you're a teacher of some kind. Maybe a writer, a preacher, a manager, or some kind of leader. Somewhere in your life, you have a place where you express yourself, your ideas, and your perspective on a regular basis. One morning, before you start your work, you peek at your email just to see what's facing you later in the day, maybe you accidentally open Facebook and see that article from Huffington Post. You click just real quick and end up reading all three pages, even clicking on … [Continue reading]

for your weekend

Elm Street, Greensboro, NC

May I take the time to celebrate my starts, my finishes, my first steps and my knowing-when-to-quits. May I learn, even more deeply, the value of waiting, listening, and a good, long laugh.  Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few reads and updates: The Give List by Shaun Groves Grace for the Good Girl online reading group at Faith and Composition starting May 5. Hope*ologie, the membership site my family started, has all new content for the month of May. Nester Made Me Do It by … [Continue reading]

Let’s Share What We Learned in April


It’s the end of the month, and that means it’s time to share what we’ve learned! Remember, this is a place to share all kinds of learning, both the silly and the serious. I lean toward sharing the silly since I tend to share the serious every other day. But any and all learning is welcome. Here are six things I learned in April in no particular order: 1. You know how my super power is looking at someone and knowing who their imaginary parents are? (see: Joy plus Scarlett equals Shakira from … [Continue reading]

What My Sister Taught Me

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I'm firmly convinced our genius is at least partially coded into our childhood play. Want to get an idea of how those first graders will change their world? No need to read their spelling words. Just show up at recess. But I don't know about all that yet, because it's 1985 and we've got the day ahead of us, no plans but the Barbie world. We huddle over the pile of pink goodness ready to piece out what belongs to whom today. I'm eight and it's my big sister's turn to pick first. I study her … [Continue reading]