For Your Weekend

for your weekend

May I learn a to practice holy indifference when it comes to others opinions of me. May I lose my sharp ability to discern disapproval, be it real or perceived, so that I may move toward others without fear or agendas. Keep my heart light like a sacred balloon. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way: Cultivate the Deep, Cultivate the Simple by Micha Boyett Three Things We Need to Stop Saying to Youth Group Kids by Addie Zierman Anne Lamott on Priorities … [Continue reading]

Let’s Share What We Learned in February

What We Learned in February

At the end of every month, we have a regular practice here of looking back before moving forward. While some of the deeper, more in-process things I may keep private for a while, other things are fun to share here. And when you share things you’ve been learning, I always discover lots of fun tips, great new books and shows, and encouraging thoughts to begin the month. We’re all at different spots on the journey, and these end of the month posts are a way to reflect, share, and celebrate on … [Continue reading]

What We Find on Our Simple Tuesdays

Simply Tuesday

Last night our eight year old son watched the weather app like a professional meteorologist, predicting snow and school closings. We mostly ignored him because there is no way school will be closed tomorrow now go brush your teeth. You know how this story ends. This surprise snow is much like life, right? We plan, but we don't really know. And so, like so many of you, we're home again from school, raising the tally of makeup days to five. It's simply Tuesday, y'all. The past few … [Continue reading]

For Your Sunday

for your Sunday

Today let's be people of the invisible kingdom. Let's sink low to the ground, pick up our crosses and our shoes off the floor, eat the bread of life in the morning and serve it up at lunch with peanut butter, jelly and no trace of crust for all the people we love. Let's practice silence in the pew and also over dinner as we listen before we say so many words. Let's carry the mystery of God with us into the sanctuary of the church and the sacred corner of the living room. Let's remember he … [Continue reading]

Learning to Walk Without an Agenda

Walking Without an Agenda

Most of the time we walk in order to get somewhere. But sometimes we need to walk in order to remember where we are. I've come to recognize when my soul needs a little more space than I've been giving her, a little more room to think and consider. This morning as I sat in the corner of my sunroom sofa, holding warm coffee and reading in Matthew 6, I felt it like a switch - You have to get outside. Go now. Like much of the east coast today, our town is covered in a snowy, icy mix. I walk out … [Continue reading]

Becoming a Soul Minimalist

February Print

After a weekend out of town, I head to the gym to work off pent-up energy from van riding, airplane sitting, and waiting through flight delays. As I approach the elliptical, I look forward to the exercise as well as the chance to catch up on the Art of Simple podcast hosted by my friend, Tsh. I choose one called Freedom From Stuff, an interview with author and blogger Joshua Becker. I've enjoyed Joshua's blog, Becoming Minimalist, for a while now but I've never heard an interview with him. He … [Continue reading]

How I Keep Track of What I’m Learning

keep track of what I'm learning

At the end of every month, I host a link up called What We Learned for all of us to share what we learned in the past 30ish days. One of the most common comments I get from people is Oh! I keep meaning to join you but I have no idea what I learned this month! Let's be real - most of us most of the time are just trying to make it through the week without running out of clean underwear. How can I expect us to learn things, much less remember what they are!? Enter today's post. The problem … [Continue reading]

How to Have Eyes Outside Your Body

emily p freeman

We stand for the sending song at the end of the service and I stare down at my shoes, remembering how I'm wearing my son's socks this morning. Reaching up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear, it hits me: Everyone else has a better idea of what my hair looks like from behind than I do. You thought this was going to be a serious post, didn't you? I allow myself a minute to follow this childlike (childish?) train of thought and realize it's not only my hair, but really everything about … [Continue reading]

For Your Weekend

For Your Weekend - Chatting at the Sky

"There's something beautiful and clarifying and terrifying all at once in being at the beginning . . . To be a beginner is to be full of hope-filled humility, to be overflowing with eager expectation that is simultaneously held in check by the obvious gap between your aspirations and current abilities. To be a beginner is to be pregnant with dreams but nascent with skill, and then to set about the work of cultivating the life of both." Michael Yankoski, The Sacred Year Many things we could … [Continue reading]

A Little Bit of Truth, a Whole Lot of Freedom

Photo by The Nester, "hope" print by Annie Barnett created for Hope*ologie members.

Today I've invited my friend Stacey Thacker to share the power of remembering hope in the midst of everyday chaos. I scratch the word hope in my best, albeit bad, handwriting on a memo board in my kitchen while I’m supposed to be doing dishes. The dishes are mocking me today. It seems like I can’t get to the bottom of the sink no matter how hard I try. I’m determined at 11:00 pm to wrestle them into the dishwasher and scrub down the sink because Monday needs to start with a clean slate. It has … [Continue reading]