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for your weekend - chatting at the sky

This weekend, in the regular rhythms of home and play, of work and washing, of listening and slow conversation, may I see God even though I don't see God. May I not demand a spectacle, a miracle, or a sign. May I simply, quietly, be still and know. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for this Sunday afternoon: Season of Returning: Rain at Winter's End by Ruth Haley Barton The Daily Routines of Geniuses by Sarah Green for Harvard Business Review On Dancing, Fresh … [Continue reading]

This One’s for the Wanna-be Hopeful

I'm thankful for hope, the kind that doesn't expect always sunshine, but the kind that holds on no matter how things appear, the kind that reminds me how I feel about things isn't the ultimate truth. - emily p. freeman

This morning started out bright, sun coming up behind our house in confident pink and orange glory. And I, mood highly swayed by the weather, picked out a skirt from my closet to wear and hopped in the shower once the kids were off to school, ready to face the day with energy and focus. I got dressed in my skirt with a pair of green flats, even played with patterns a bit. But by the time I fixed my hair, the cul-de-sac was draped over with a gray cloudy blanket and I felt my soul sink a … [Continue reading]

Tuesdays Are For Living

light at chatting at the sky

It's dark in the sunroom this morning, hours before the sun comes up. The wall of windows reflects the light from my lamp, the end table, my own face. I come here in the early quiet, pour the coffee, let out the dog, sit with a blanket, and listen as the yard wakes up behind me. What stories will I tell today? Today is finally April but most of the trees don't know it yet. A long winter has kept them sleeping right on through March. The little ones wake up first,  shooting out flowers at the … [Continue reading]

for your weekend

chatting at the sky

This weekend may our minds be filled with peace from constant questioning, wondering, feeling our way in the dark. May the light of Christ spread out like gold, liquid from the hot light of truth. May he seep under our doorways and into our dark rooms, covering every inch. As we sit in our Christ-room, may we have the courage to see our reflection and remember the words of Barbara Brown Taylor, that "Jesus was not brought down by atheism and anarchy. He was brought down by law and order allied … [Continue reading]

Let’s Share What We Learned in March

joy wilson and scarlet johansson equals shakira

It's the end of the month, and that means it's time to share what we've learned! Remember, this is a place to share all kinds of learning, both the silly and the serious. I lean toward sharing the silly since I tend to share the serious every other day. But any and all learning is welcome. Here are 5 things I learned in March in no particular order: 1. The Wizard of Oz makes everything better. 2. Monopoly. We played for the first time as a family the other day and I realize I've never … [Continue reading]

Survey Results and A Kind Thank You

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The last time I checked, over 1500 of you have offered your feedback in the survey I sent out last week. And though that number only represents a fraction of you who are reading, your responses to the 8 question survey have come at just the right time. I expected to get an idea of what you'd like to see more of, to see less of, and to get some insight into where my passions and your needs intersected a bit more specifically. What I didn't expect was for your answers to those 8 silly questions … [Continue reading]

When Your Soul Has a Bad Idea

When Your Soul Has a Bad Idea - Chatting at the Sky

One day last week I'm struggling through those old kinds of struggles that never seem to fully go away - self-acceptance, over-thinking, fear. My mind cycles through them as they sit on the Lazy Susan of my soul. Pick one up, turn the wheel, put it back again. So the Susan is spinning at the rate of the world and I pick a book from my desk to read a bit before I began my own writing. Just as I do, some powerfully loud thoughts come rushing into my mind - doubt, quitting, unbelief. In the span … [Continue reading]

for your weekend

chatting at the sky

This weekend, may I not be surprised by my own ability to mess things up. May I refuse to be shocked by my own, jealousy, stubbornness, impatience and indifference. May I stop trying to find my own way out. Instead, may I be surprised by grace, delighted by God's presence, and comforted by his unrelenting acceptance of me. Enjoy your weekend, friends. Have you taken the 8 question Chatting at the Sky survey yet? It takes about 2 minutes. Would love to know your opinion. Also, a reminder that … [Continue reading]

In Which I Ask for Your Opinion

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If you and I ever go to a movie together, I'm sure we will have a lot of fun. We will share popcorn and I'll forget the napkins so one of us will have to run out during the previews to get some. And by "one of us" I mean you because I love me some previews. Half-way through the movie, I will pull out the king-size bag of peanut M&M's from my purse and you will pull out the family pack of Twizzlers (red not black, obviously) and we will share and share alike as we enjoy our film and gain … [Continue reading]

The Real Job of a Writer

evening - chatting at the sky

As a writer, I sometimes forget what my real job is. When I'm rushed or under a deadline, it's easy to be fooled into thinking my job is to string words together in some creative way resulting in a variety of desired outcomes for me or the reader. Hopefully both. Obviously a writer has to actually write. But my job, even before writing, is to pay attention. Listening with all my senses is my first real job. When I remember nothing begins with me and purpose to stay small in the presence of … [Continue reading]